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Something beginning with p.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with p.

It’s the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted.


This is they way in which I view my harrowing world. lol. I wouldn’t want you to perceive me in such a way. The fact is, I enjoy my life, but I can’t help wanting more.  My friends have more. My extended family has more. People who I don’t like have more. So, why can’t I have more. Well I’m told it’s to do my perception. Just like I think my life sucks, apparently it’s something a lot of people feel. Because, just like me, we compare ourselves to other people’s lives, lives which we know a minuscule amount about and ‘perceive’ only the best of what we see. I know it’s wrong but it’s something we just do. If you find yourself comparing your life, set yourself a goal not to. As it’s mine as well.

Another aspect of perception is that of what we identify of people. Is she too short? Are they too tall? Is she pretty enough? Is he too lame? Or is he dangerous? These types of questions will swell in your mind when you meet people, because we are always judging, it’s our perception. I often wonder how people see me. I try to stop my mind from wandering into scary waters. But it’s the truth. People will have good and bad opinions of you, but only ever take the time to listen to those who know you.

That’s why my book suggestion today is The Running Man by Michael Gerard Bauer. It follows the blooming friendship of Joseph and Tom. Joseph is young and an  artist who is quick to judge people who he is afraid of. Then he is introduced to Tom. Tom is a reclusive Vietnam veteran, who has seen too much of the world so he spends his day’s caring for his silkworms. He is centre of the neighborhoods gossip and speculations. But the rumors are from people who don’t know the real Tom. This brilliant read details the happy and sad times of the unlikely, life changing, companionship. I am currently reading it for school and while I didn’t enjoy the storyline on the first read, I have grown to observe the depth of the novel and see the true beauty it holds.

So, stop comparing your lives and judging other people, enjoying who you are and the way you live.

God’s speed and remember not to judge the judger.

Next, I spy something beginning with d.


inky State Library Victoria

Thanks for the book recommendation eyespie! I have added The Running Man to our book database. And thanks for the good advice too. Look forward to your next post!

25th Jul, 19

I spy... an excellent blog in the making!!

12th Aug, 19