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Something beginning with d.

Firstly, sorry it’s taken me so long to write another post.

I have been feeling so unmotivated these past couple of months. With school work,  finding time to do things I enjoy and having fun going to my after school activities.

Now, the magic letter D.

It’s one of my after school activities and something I am finding ever so hard to give up, because I have now been doing it for 10 years.


While some people are born to be dancers, others are not and I’m most definitely not. Despite the thousands and thousands of dollars my parents have spent in hopes of me perfecting this art, I haven’t yet. Maybe it’s due to my growing lack of interest or the fact I started to fall behind once everyone started spending hours of their free time to practise the routines. Whichever excuse, I have never really had the confidence that other members of my class had, which meant I never stood out. I drifted to the back and accepted this as my position in class. I never felt worthy of talking or becoming friends with my classmates who had achieved better than me, this only swept me further away from becoming their friend and ruining my chances of fully appreciating dance.

As I just mentioned, the other girls in my class are always confident. Because they feel ‘enough’, they put themselves in the spotlight at every chance they get. They swoon over the teaches as if they are goddesses, resulting in them being the favorites. So, I would like to remind you to have confidence and to feel worthy because I know how a bad self esteem can ruin a good thing.

I do not have a book suggestion today as I haven’t read any books on confidence, feeling worthy or just a story about a really brave character lately. So think of your own brave character or even a person you know and encompass a positive self esteem in your life.

Next,  I spy something beginning with f.




I love this blog idea- such a cool way to structure a post. Wishing you all the confidence in the world as you learn more about who you are and what you can offer. I think that confidence and self-esteem can often be linked to your identity. Once you know who you are, you can begin to build more confidence. I read a book quite a while ago (a Cathy Cassidy book) called Summer's Dream about not feeling like enough and struggling with an eating disorder. A lot of her books have really wonderful messages about confidence, identity and hope! <3

11th Oct, 19

Thanks, I'll read Summer's Dream as soon as I can borrow it from the library!

12th Oct, 19
inky State Library Victoria

You are enough! We are all enough! You are so right about confidence. It doesn't end with being a teenager either. You see it in work places too - the confident people get noticed, praised, promoted etc even when others are as capable but less confident! Hope you get some good book recommendations! I would recommend A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G. Drews which was on our Gold Inky shortlist! And Dumplin' by Julie Murphy. And Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell!

14th Oct, 19

Thanks, It's nice to know it happens to others and in all different age groups. I'll borrow those books from the library tomorrow!

14th Oct, 19

It's true talent to be able to put those feelings into words. I was a dancer for ten years, but I never felt as though I had a place in the group. I overlooked the reasons why. I simply thought I didn't belong as a dancer. I didn't see how weak my confidence was. Now I do. Unfortunately I don't dance anymore. Now I know that I'm missing a good thing. When I read your blog, I felt less alone.
Thank you for having the strength to put those feelings into words. I couldn't until I wrote this comment.

14th Oct, 19

Wow, can't believe we've experienced almost the same thing!I too, often overlook the reasons as to why I don't fit in with the group. I hope you have been able to be confident in another area you enjoy.

14th Oct, 19